The Super Sterilizer

It has a great value proposition and can be used extensively for the containment of virus and pathogens spreading in the hospitals and isolation wards.

GermiBAN® fourfold super-sterilizer comes with integrated approach of room sterilization using physical phenomenon of sterilization killing all pathogenic viruses, bacteria and other contaminants to 99.99% in air and also physical surfaces within short period of time.

Aire Puro®

While we enjoy the cosy comforts of our indoor, it is our general feeling that we are completely kept off from the dangerous air pollution created outside due to vehicular exhaust. But... Do you know that indoor air is as harmful as polluted outdoor air..! Yes, it is! Our airtight structures block the natural air-cleaning agents provided by nature and trap the pollution created inside by household chemicals, smoking, animal dander, skin flakes, dust and other contaminants. A more serious aspect of indoor air pollution is that many diseases are caused by airborne bacteria and viruses expelled into the air from sneezing, coughing, and ordinary breathing.

Smart Specifications

  • UVC Light wavelength 254 nm (Germicidal)
  • Wattage ~ 50 Watt
  • Ionizer: 5x 106 ions /cm
  • Mobile app control (android/ IOS)
  • 360? Motion sensor
  • Dimension: 220x620mm
  • Coverage Area: 150 Sft


GermiBAN® has fourfold sterilizing, disinfecting, purifying & filtering functions all integrated together which makes it a unique selling proposition. Primary function of killing the viruses & bacteria supported by a buffering and secondary function to curtail the regrowth of the bacteria

Hospitals (government and private), Operation theaters, Isolation wards, Warehouses, Software institutions, etc.

Operational ease of the product makes it easy to use by any unskilled and untrained nurse or personnel.

  • No chemicals
  • UVC sterilization @ 254nm
  • Ozonation
  • Ionization
  • HEPA Filter (0.3uM)
  • No chemicals
  • Mobile App Operation
  • Cut-off Sensor (Human Intervention)
  • Area coverage: 1500 sq. Ft for GermiBAN and 150 sq. Ft for GermiBAN Smart
  • Tested at Chest Hospital & Biotechnology Center ALEAP WEHUB
  • Termed as "Excellent Product" By NITI Aayog, India
  • Tested & Certified by CCMB, Hyderabad
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